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10 Inspiring CD Packaging

Today I was looking through my collection of CD’s and I came across the Modest Mouse CD case, and I was struck by how different it was than all the others. This got me wondering how far people have pushed CD packaging Design… I was in shock at some of the things I found!

For your enjoyment! I present 10 Inspiring CD Packaging Designs! :)

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Anne Ruthmann – An effective way to package and ship CDs without having extra protective packaging.


This goes under the incredibly creative HOLY SH!T that’s awesome category. Design comes from RETHINK, I’m not even sure who the CD is for but who cares its dope! I would love to see more things like this!


I have to say that DHNN (Design Has No Name) takes the cake in the innovative inspiring CD packaging for Beck’s 8-Bit album, they take an NES cartridge and turns it into fantastic packaging! A++




This is an interesting design concept by Jakebox


For VH1′s Greatest Hip Hop Artists Julie Ruiz created a fantastic way of packaging a bunch of CDs and other shawg all into one awesome box.


This is an interesting take on packaging.

“Science Vs. Witchcraft”, a band from Rochester, NY is releasing an EP soon. They cleverly used 5.25″ Floppy diskettes, took out the magnetic disk and replaced it with their CD. (who knew the two are practically the exact same size?) They also went one step further and made a custom sleeves & label causing it resemble an old 1980′s PC game complete with ACSII art and Pixelized Images.



And My Most favorite, for truly unique packaging, and over all great idea, Moldover created this packaging for his 1st full album! Below is a video of him showing how awesome it really is!




08.27.09 4:00 am

and some people think the tangible cd is dead. sheesh!

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10.01.09 4:00 am

I like the covers made from material and was wondering what would be the cost of having that made in my choice of material, with a lightscribe cd and 3 pieces of card inside

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01.25.10 4:00 am

i really like the cd covers

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