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Advertising lesson 101: What Not To Do


Okay this is the most basic and important lesson to be learned in advertising. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances attempt to copy a campaign that is less than one year old, even then – when you ATTEMPT, and I put emphasis on ATTEMPT, to recreate the magic that was a highly successful campaign; try please for the love of advertising, try to be different.

So many times agencies / marketing groups try to use what has worked in the past to promote a product, and time after time they fail. This is the case with Cisco. They recently put out a string of videos that are, to say the least, EXACTLY the same as the Old Spice Man Answers campaign, that came out not even 2 weeks ago! COME ON PEOPLE!

Even though they explain that they enjoyed the videos, and even admit to taking the idea, its half baked, and half assed. It’s people like them are the reason God doesn’t talk to us anymore.

Im scared to even post these for fear of giving them more views than they deserve… but I am because I want you all to see WHAT NOT TO DO.

Now. Next time you’re sitting around in your brainstorm meeting, trying to come up with that big new idea to sweep the market and social media, and someone starts to talk about that campaign that someone else did, and then your asshat N.T.A.C ( No Talent Ass Clown ) [ insert big title that really means nothing ] director says “Oh! what if…” you need to put your foot down and say NO.

thank you. that is all.

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