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drewscancerIf you have been on twitter lately, or maybe even Facebook chances are you’ve seen people blaming Drew’s cancer for something, and chances are you are wondering why people keep blaming his cancer for things. Well her’s the answer.

2798583718_56626fb57dIn early June Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma, and ever since he has been blaming his cancer for everything. Losing his keys, misplacing his wallet, Twitter being slow, the Phillies losing, etc. He has taken a spin on battling cancer, and has stayed as positive about it as possible. Going through what he is going through is a rough process as he explains in his blog…

Stage 3, the Oncologist told me before I got my first chemo treatment yesterday.   One of 12 over 6 months.   Every 2 weeks.

Picture 25Drew started a website www.blamedrewscancer.com, and also started tweeting about his blaming of cancer using the hashtag #blamedrewscancer and since he started a little over a month ago over 10,000 people have blamed over 20,000 things. Everyone is getting in on dissing his cancer. Yesterday they blew past the initial goal of 10,000 people blaming his cancer. When that point was broken the company 23And Me, will donate $1 for every person that blames something on Drew’s Cancer.

This idea has surged through the twittisphere, and is on its way to becoming social networking history. I’ve been watching the tweets for #blamedrewscancer for the past few days, and have blamed a few things on it as well. It’s a great way to take something so terrible and negative and put a positive spin on it.

There are now events planned to raise money for #blamedrewscancer as well as t-shirts, and more.

This idea has hit me hard, as my cousin was just diagnosed with Lymphoma last month as well. He is undergoing chemo, and is fighting with everything in him. We as a family are doing all we can to help support him and his family. They are partnering with Livestrong and there are several events and fund raisers planned to help pay for his medical bills.

I encourage you all to get on twitter and start blaming Drew’s cancer on things. It’s a good feeling to know that every time you do it’s making a difference. Finally Twitter has a purpose other than just being a social networking platform, there is something you can do through it! SO GET OUT THERE AND START BLAMING!

I would also like to hear your thoughts on this, and how it has made you think about the role that social networking is taking in our world today. How has this effected you?


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