Child of the 90′s

Microsoft is trying really REALLY hard to be relevant again, spending boatloads on advertising – specifically for IE. Reminds me of Mean Girls, they are trying to make “fetch” happen ( yes, I just referenced Mean Girls )….

Still this new Ad is pretty good, nice copy – also that nostalgia.

I wont be using IE anytime soon, or Windows, still a nice litte spot.

PSA – Household Product Labeling Acts

For being a PSA about Hosehold Product Labeling from Method this is pretty awesome. Made me laugh.

Clas Ohlson – Demolition

Clas Ohlson was getting a new webstore, and Swedish agency Garbergs was tasked to create a campaign to introduce the new site.

Pine-Sol scares the sh!t out of their customers

Welp this is pretty awesome. Pine Sol invited some men to do some “product testing” little did they know the Pine-sol lady was going to be joining them. Hilarity ensues.

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The Tantrum

Fun little spot for the 2012 Dallas ADDY awards.

Best technical college ad ever made.

At first you’re like “Oh jeeze, this is lame” and by the end you’re thinking “WHAT THE F*CK DID I JUST WATCH…. that was awesome”. yeah something like that.

Bernas pulls on the heart strings

Welp that might have been the most touching ad I’ve seen in a while. So well done.

An insurance AD that makes fun of advertising

Sometimes advertising can be quite the circle jerk, agencies do spots that are really just made for other advertisers, these ads for Canadian Direct Insurance from Noise Digital and produced by Holiday Films  do both, but in a really great way. Spot on. Made me laugh.

Nike Fule Band + Make It Count

Today Nike released a new product the Nike Fuleband, along with it this awesome little spot.