Strange Animal Advertising

animalAdsAnimals have been used in advertising for years, it’s nothing new, but things are starting to take a twist into the slightly morbid / offensive / creepy / awesome… [ read more ]


Advertise On Pop-Ology!

advertiseDo you have a site, blog, company? Want to advertise on Pop-Ology? NOW YOU CAN!… [ read more ]

The Process

theProcessIf you’re a part of advertising, marketing, or involved in the creative process with clients, you’ve been here before. These are the meetings you have to deal with on a daily basis. For those of you who aren’t involved in advertising, marketing, or the creative process with clients, this is what happens in order to make a product, no lie, this is what we deal with on a DAILY BASIS… [ read more ]

Greatest Advertising Ever

macThe Battle between Mac and PC’s has been going on for nearing 30+ years now, and over those years Apple has had to stay hip, fresh, new, while not being too harsh and warding off potential users. They have handled this process flawlessly, even since the 70′s they’ve been putting out memorable Advertising….[ read more ]

Lego Advertising. Awesome.

legoAdsLego’s are a part of life that you never grow out of. These ads from Lego show that. Another piece of culture that we all love and adore. Here are some great ads some new, some old, but the same great product…. [ read more ]

Alice In Wonderland Posters

aliceAnother movie that is set to come out soon that I am looking forward to is Alice In Wonderland… [ read more }

Netflix Behind The Scenes

netflixSo today you are probably sending out your movie you just rented from Netflix, and you’re waiting on your next one to arrive. Ever wonder just how do you get those movies? Well now you can take a look at the process, the people, and the place involved to make it all happen! Pretty cool stuff…. [ read more ]

Johnnie Walker | “Walk”

walkThis is a fantastic commercial for Johnnie Walker. Yeah it may be 6+ minutes, but its great, excellent use of props, and copy writing…. [ read more ]

RGB vs CMYK Viral Campaign

rgbvsCMYKIlliterate Magazine is a Denver based arts magazine, with both an online and Print version. They feature the happenings in the Denver Art Scene every week. Showing us new artists to look for, what events are going, and more! They also have contests, and art shows. The current event that they are throwing is called “RGB + CMYK”…. [ read more ]

HOLY SH!T You Paid How Much?

billGatesThe innerwebz are blowing up about Microsofts recent purchase of, preparing for their release of Office Online due to come out in 2010, one can only imagine how much they paid for that domain…. [ read more ]