Old Spice Guy Answers


So you think you’ve got a cool marketing idea? You think you can change peoples perception of a product, and breathe new life into a product that has been around for decades? – well that’s nice but you’ve got to try a little harder now, after W+K comes through again for Old Spice…

WTF Panda ADs


Not much to really say other than these are pretty hilarious ads.

It’s Official – W+K PWNS


We don’t need to tell you Wieden + Kennedy lit a real rocket with their “I’m on a Horse” spot for Old Spice. Further proof comes by way of People Magazine’s most beautiful people list for 2010 – which has just added Isaiah Mustafa (the guy who plays the guy in the ad) as a card carrying member.

Axe Mormon Spot


Here’s an Axe deodorant spot that could be real, could be fake… either way, someone somewhere was offended …

Meet Jessica


This is an interesting campaign from New Message, out of the Netherlands. Interesting way of using Twitter for a campaign, and an even more interesting twist at the end. Really cool idea.

Pedigree Dogs AD shot at 1000 fps


awesome. favorite part 1:12

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth


A short film about what the future of advertising might look like.

Summers Coming


These are wonderful ads – no unflattering images of overweight people – and no unobtainable images of perfect people.

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Slave To Smoking


Found these ads from French Agency BDDP & Fils a little interesting.

The Man You Wish Your Man Could Smell Like


This is quite possibly one of – if not the funniest commercial I have seen in quite some time. FANTASTIC! Thank you Old Spice for always having entertaining commercials.