Featured Artist: Pedro Josue aka Madkobra

Pedro Josue ( Madkobra ) is a designer / illustrator from the Dominican Republic, his style has a very unique feel to it. Great ideas, awesome executions. He has quite a few shirts on Threadless, and has a collection of work that is a lot of fun to look at.


While it may be a few days past May 4th, (May the 4th Be with you) I have a very special featured artist this week. Silof, they guy who creates exceptional Star Wars Action Figures. We exchanged some emails and I was able to get an interview out of it and also got the inside scoop on his newest project!

Google Art Project

Google has created a new project “Art Project” powered by Google, basically takes the well known street view from Google Maps and puts it into Art Museums from around the world. Walk around them, see pieces of art up close. explore all from the comfort of your computer.

Squared Up

We usually reserve the featured section for Artists, but this is a special case. Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter) is at it again.

Featured Artist | Alberto Cerriteño – Illustrator


Here’s someone you NEED to know about! Alberto Cerriteño’s work will blow you away!

Featured Artist | Peter Callesen


Here’s an artist you should know about, Peter Callesen, uses a sheet of paper in a way that will BLOW you away!

featured artist | Justin White (jublin)


Here’s an artist you need to know about. Justin White is a freelance illustrator based out of California, White’s style can only be described as exceptional, his use of texture, color, and subtle detail make for truly awesome work. In 2008 his portfolio won AIGA Student Portfolio Review and received the Best of Illustration and Best of Interactive Design awards…

FEATURE Craig Bower | Designer


Craig Bower is a designer from Green Bay Wisconsin, he has a design shop called Design That Rocks. He works in both Web and Print, and his work you may have seen around. Craig was a contestant in the Pop-Ology design contest where he created his piece ‘Seamstress For The Band’, and his design really did rock! I did an interview with Craig to get an inside scoop on who he is and what he does!

FEATURE: Mark Sink | Photographer

I got to sit down and talk with Mark Sink about Art, Technology, Pop Culture, and all things photo! Check it out!

FEATURE: Nathan Sawaya

legoManNathan Sawaya is the man behind the art of brick. With more than 1.5 million colored bricks in his New York studio, Sawaya’s sculptures take many forms…. [ read more ]