The Real Instagram Camera

The year of Instagram is upon us, after racing up to over 50+ million users in under 2 years, releasing an Android version and not to mention being purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Now there is a concept that while it may at first seem a bit ridiculous, I honestly think it’s pretty rad.

Drunk Lock.

This is awesome, not totally sure if it’s real or not – if not this needs to be made.

H&M Steals

When artist Tori LaCosnay created a piece of art for the East Atlanta Village the last thing she was expecting is for some major corporation to rip off her work, and then make money off of it, but that’s exactly what H&M has done. They have handled the whole thing with class too!

Edible Type

Right in time for lunch – I present to you edible type! Created by Spanish graphic and industrial design duo Aranxa Esteve & Lucía Rallo, made of sugar and gelatin.

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Cabin Porn

To prove that there really is a tumblr out there about just about anything, I present to you Cabin Porn. A site that features photos of cabins from all over the world. Some look more like shacks in the middle of nowhere that I wouldn’t really feel comfortable in or around, but hey to each their own right?

The New Facebook

Facebook is about to do something that will rock the world, and change the way that we interact with technology and the internet forever. For the past few days people have been talking a lot about the new news feed, but what hasn’t been talked about until yesterday at the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg introduced the timeline, or the new profiles. A complete overhaul of a profile page, a rethinking of how we view our digital lives, and how others view us.

100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds

Awesome spot for the grand opening of the Westfield mall in East London. Showcasing 100 years of fashion, in a quick 100 seconds…

Social Good From McKinney – Play Spent

McKinney is taking their SPENT project to a new place, by challenging congress to play SPENT and see what life is really like in America while they debate and drag their feet….

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“click” on this

Recycling is good, taking a once awesome product that has lived its life and has finally been retired and putting it to good use. Nerds rejoice! Your old mouse, that best friend your hand has, can have a life after death. Make a belt buckle out of it.

FRAGILE: Trashy Street Art

Here’s an AWESOME project from Canada, where street artist Roadsworth. Roadsworth took over a new area of the urban landscape, the Montreal Eaton Centre.