Lego WIN!

legosWhen I was a kid I had Legos. In fact I still do. Yeah I might make a house, or maybe stick a couple bricks together, try to come up with something cool… but in the end it always comes out look like crap. Then I come across these, and just kinda want to put the Legos away, and maybe pick up a new hobby…. [ read more ]

It’s Monday, Back To The Grind…

officeSpaceAs you mosey on into your office this morning, you are looking around seeing those same faces, making your way back to the coffee maker, maybe recovering still from the weekend. You pull up into your chair and start to act like you’re doing work, we all know you don’t really get anything productive done until around 11. So to fill that time I have put together a collection of 45 fantastic workplaces / offices to admire, drool over, day dream about, what ever you want to do with it. This can be filed under Research in your time sheet…[ read more ]

Laura Kirkegaard

lauraLaura Kirkegaard is a local Denver Artist/Model. She has her hands in as many medias as you can think of. Traditional, Drawing, Acrylics, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, and more. Her style is extremely eye catching, lots of vivid colors, and details…. [ read more ]

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15 Truly Inspiring Typographic Posters

typeTypography is something that I find to be extremely inspiring. When artists, take typography and turn it into posters I am in LOVE! With typography you can convey so many messages…. [ read more ]

Lyndon Wade | Photographer

rom107Lyndon Wade has taken photos for many magazines,and musical artists. He has a collection of photographic works that leaves you wanting more…. [ read more ]

Looking to be Inspired?

siteInspireA great resource for finding wonderful fresh sites. GET THOSE JUICES FLOWIN!… [ read more ] posters

toleranceTwo Typographic posters for… [ read more ]

Google’s Zurich Offices

googleYou wonder why Google is so cutting edge, and why everything they do turns to gold? It’s simple. Give your people freedom, give them an inspiring work environment and the result is exactly what Google puts out on a daily basis….[ read more ]

Slick After Effects Video

AEanimationToday while stumbling around Vimeo I came across this video done in After Effects, it’s an excellent execution of an idea… [ read more ]