Google Art Project

Google has created a new project “Art Project” powered by Google, basically takes the well known street view from Google Maps and puts it into Art Museums from around the world. Walk around them, see pieces of art up close. explore all from the comfort of your computer.

Infographic love – Old Spice By The Numbers

Here’s a sweet infographic about the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign.

Friday Afternoon in the Universe

DOPE animated piece!

all your base are belong to us

4chan founder Christopher Poole has a new site to make your memes and infect the internets with your sick and twisted ideas.

February Desktop

February 2011 Wallpaper…

Music Monday

I’ve got a little something special to take your #musicMonday to a new extreme.

From the office of Frank Chimero

Here’s a great read from the Office Of Frank Chimero – some great advice for more than just a student but anyone in general. I’ve found myself reading this many times in the past few months.

Banksy Does The Simpsons

In what is sure to go down in Television history – the graffiti artists Banksy Storyboarded and Directed the newest intro to the Simpsons. Specifically the famous “Couch Scene”. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts!


This. Is. AMAZING!

Old Spice – Wieden + Kennedy: The Results

The results are in for one of the most recognized campaigns in recent memory. The Old Spice campaign “The Man You Wish Your Man Could Smell Like” – Already had taken it’s place in Pop-Culture, but how effective was it really?