Sick Coke Cans!


Not sure who did these but they are pretty rad!

Digital Wallpaper


Just came across this, really really cool idea!

Really Cool Art School Advertising


Art schools are everywhere, and really they all offer the same classes, one might be more presigious than another, one may offer better classes, or have a better campus… But this advertisement for Panamericana School of Art and Design takes a different approach to making themselves known, by making an AD campaign that tests the creativity of everyone. It’s a mix of viral, meets subversive, meets kick ass!

Creative Adveritsing


Something about advertising is that you are always wanting to make something that connects with the customers. There are plenty of ideas out there that get recycled and reused, but it’s refreshing to see either a new spin on an old idea, or a completely new idea! Here is a collection of really creative advertisements from around the world to help you get those creative juices flowing!

FEATURE: Mark Sink | Photographer

I got to sit down and talk with Mark Sink about Art, Technology, Pop Culture, and all things photo! Check it out!

Trashy Art

trashyArtI’ve been seeing this stuff floating around the innerwebz for a while now, and the more I see the more I think HOW F*&KING RAD! These artists take trash, create a sculpture that looks like nothing until a light is put on it, and the shadows are RIDICULOUS…[ read more ]

FEATURE: Nathan Sawaya

legoManNathan Sawaya is the man behind the art of brick. With more than 1.5 million colored bricks in his New York studio, Sawaya’s sculptures take many forms…. [ read more ]

20 Inspiring Typographic Posters

type2It’s Monday, and as you wonder back into your week, you may be needing some inspiration… well here you go! 20 FANTASTIC inspiring Typographic posters for you… [ read more }

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10 Inspiring CD Packaging

CDsToday I was looking through my collection of CD’s and I came across the Modest Mouse CD case, and I was struck by how different it was than all the others. This got me wondering how far people have pushed CD packaging Design… I was in shock at some of the things I found… [ read more ]

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FEATURE: Taylor Curry

taylorCurryTaylor Curry is a Photographer from the UK. While he shoots great pictures with SLR’s it’s when he get behind a Polaroid that his Skills come into play; He has a knack for finding the perfect composition for the photos, add in the awesomeness of the Polaroid and you’ve got the makings for FANTASTIC photographs…[ read more ]