Good Morning! Want Some Coffee?

coffeeGood Morning! You guessed it, it’s a monday. As you slink back into your week, and gather up your energy to power though this morning. Time to brew some coffee… got it? okay great! Before you look down at that black mess, take a look at these wonerful cups of coffee, imagine this is what your coffee tastes and looks like and dream!…[ read more ]

Social Media Pillows Awesome!

socialPillowsGeek or not these pillows are freaking awesome! Tell me you wouldn’t want one or two or all of them! you can buy them from Craftsquatch on Etsy! Simply awesome… [ read more ]

The Impossible Project

polaroidNewA few days ago I made a post about the death of the Polaroid, that staple of culture for the past 60 some years. Like I said in that article the Polaroid has become such a part of our lives, we used them to decorate our rooms, our lockers at school, take with our friends, they capture a moment in such a special unique way, how can we lose them? Polaroid officially stopped production of the film for the classic cameras in 2008 and has estimated that supplies will run out in 2009. There is still hope though… [ read more ]

FEATURE: Josh Ellingson

joshWhile surfing the innerwebz the other day I stumbled upon a portfolio site for an Illustrator name Josh Ellingson. Josh lives and works out of San Fransisco California, and has done work for clients big and small. His work takes a retro yet modern approach to illustration. His use of bold lines and vivid colors make for awesome eye candy. You may have see some of his works for clients such as Wired Magazine, Computer Gaming World, and Others…. [ read more ]

Lego Advertising. Awesome.

legoAdsLego’s are a part of life that you never grow out of. These ads from Lego show that. Another piece of culture that we all love and adore. Here are some great ads some new, some old, but the same great product…. [ read more ]

10 Inspiring Packaging Designs

packagingThe way a product is viewed is just as important to how well the product works. Here are 10 fantastic examples of awesome packaging design!… [ read more ]

Pop-Ology’s Design Contest

contestThink you’ve got an eye for design? Think you could make something that would make people go “OOOOoooo” “Ahhhhh”? Wanna get featured on pop-ology? Want to make some money from making a sick poster? Then Enter the Pop-Ology Design Contest!… [ read more ]

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Death Of A Legend

lesPaulToday August 13, 2009 famous guitarist Les paul passed away at the age of 94…. [ read more }


drewscancerIf you have been on twitter lately, or maybe even facebook chances are you’ve seen people blaming Drew’s cancer for something, and chances are you are wondering why people keep blaming his cancer for things. Well her’s the answer… [ read more }

Holly Himebaugh | Photographer

hollyHolly Himebaugh is a photographer from Arizona. Her photography has an almost cinematic feel to it, looking through her gallery is like looking at a movie. Her choice in content, and color makes for a wonderfully refreshing view of the world. Take a look through her works… [ read more ]