PSA – Household Product Labeling Acts

For being a PSA about Hosehold Product Labeling from Method this is pretty awesome. Made me laugh.

Pine-Sol scares the sh!t out of their customers

Welp this is pretty awesome. Pine Sol invited some men to do some “product testing” little did they know the Pine-sol lady was going to be joining them. Hilarity ensues.

Drunk Lock.

This is awesome, not totally sure if it’s real or not – if not this needs to be made.

The Tantrum

Fun little spot for the 2012 Dallas ADDY awards.

Best technical college ad ever made.

At first you’re like “Oh jeeze, this is lame” and by the end you’re thinking “WHAT THE F*CK DID I JUST WATCH…. that was awesome”. yeah something like that.

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Tumblr of the day: “cooking with skrillex”

Again proving that there is a tumblr for everything. Cooking with Skrillex. who would have thought skrillex was so skilled in the kitchen?

SH!T Project Managers Say

I’m loving all these “sh!t someone says” videos. A new one I just came across is “SH!T Project Managers Say” and I have to say, they nailed it! Well done.

Earth! Om Nom Nom Nom

In what can only be described as my all time biggest fantasy, well maybe I’m exagerating a bit but still, have you ever been sitting there and said to yourself, “Gosh, I could really go for eating a planetary system right about now”. Well now you can!