Child of the 90′s

Microsoft is trying really REALLY hard to be relevant again, spending boatloads on advertising – specifically for IE. Reminds me of Mean Girls, they are trying to make “fetch” happen ( yes, I just referenced Mean Girls )….

Still this new Ad is pretty good, nice copy – also that nostalgia.

I wont be using IE anytime soon, or Windows, still a nice litte spot.

Clas Ohlson – Demolition

Clas Ohlson was getting a new webstore, and Swedish agency Garbergs was tasked to create a campaign to introduce the new site.


Welp ladies and gents the future is here.

The Real Instagram Camera

The year of Instagram is upon us, after racing up to over 50+ million users in under 2 years, releasing an Android version and not to mention being purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Now there is a concept that while it may at first seem a bit ridiculous, I honestly think it’s pretty rad.

Say goodbye to your productivity.

Remember the old days of playing Zelda and Pokemon all day and night? Remember the thrill of being up until 3am trying to get your Squirtle to evolve? Welp. now you can relive those days, say goodbye to your productivity today, and say hello to Gameboy Color made with Javascript and HTML5. This is so badass.


2011 was quite the year for the internet and 2012 is already shaping up to be a pretty crazy year for this set of tubes. This poster created by Peter Jaworoski and Michal Liowski from Ars Thanea showcases 20 of the most memorable moments from the web.

Can you spot them all?

Nike Fule Band + Make It Count

Today Nike released a new product the Nike Fuleband, along with it this awesome little spot.

Photoshop Simulator

Visual Idiot brings us a wonderful tool to let you use photoshop online, created using HTML5, and CSS3 – pretty wild stuff!

Why Protect IP and SOPA are bad for the internet

If you haven’t heard, congress is getting ready to vote on two bills that have the capability to harm the internet in a very bad way. This may sound like a big claim, but watch this video and learn more about what exactly they are wanting to do. The Music / TV / Movie industries have been pushing very hard to get this type of legislation passed, and the scary thing is – they might just do it.

The New Facebook

Facebook is about to do something that will rock the world, and change the way that we interact with technology and the internet forever. For the past few days people have been talking a lot about the new news feed, but what hasn’t been talked about until yesterday at the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg introduced the timeline, or the new profiles. A complete overhaul of a profile page, a rethinking of how we view our digital lives, and how others view us.