Things Get Worse For Microsoft

wordAs posted yesterday, Microsoft had an injunction placed upon it by a Judge in Texas saying that they infringed on a patent held by a Toronto based company i4i, they were order to pay $290 million, and will have 60 days to comply with a court-ordered injunction against the sale of Word in the US. The plot has thickened, in an email from a Microsoft employee, it is seen that Microsoft had full knowledge of the technology as early as Word 2003…. [ read more ]

Microsoft Banned From Selling Word In US

wordIn an interesting twist to all things Microsoft, A Texas Judge has ruled that it is illegal for Microsoft to sell its cornerstone program, Word. That’s right folks, Microsoft was sued for patent infringment by a Toronto based company…. [ read more ]

Data Porn

dataPornReally cool video via Creativity online. Aaron Koblin from Google Creative Labs’ gives a run through of some of his stunning data projects…. [ read more ]

Augmented Reality comes to life

livingSasquatchFlash has come so far in the past few years, let alone just the past year! With the introduction of such tools as Papervision, and the ability to utilize web cams and microphones, the doors of possibilities are opening. A new technology that is starting to make its presence known is called Augmented Reality…. [ read more ]

Twitter goes out this morning


So Starting my day like everyday, I make my #coffee then check my email, and twitter, get caught up with the world at large. I then get the Whale Fail, which is twitters way of saying “you’re cut off from the world”. So After thinking maybe it was my Destroy Twitter going crazy, I try to go to the site….[ READ MORE ]