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#failfriday Google Fails

The best part of the week is here! #failfriday! I have been seeing quite a few google search fails lately, so I started just searching and check out what i’ve found! If you based your idea of societies views and thoughts on things off of Google suggestions… you may walk away with a few interesting ideas..

Picture 66

Why Would anyone use a dog as bait?

Picture 67

This I understand ;)

Picture 74

So we’re afraid and start riots…

Picture 69

Ohh Good thing I was wondering about that

Picture 73

this is a valid point. Touche innerwebz

Picture 70


Picture 72


Picture 71

It’s gotta be one of them.

Picture 62

… what?

Picture 65


Picture 63

Your New Bicycle… among other things

Picture 62Sarah

Some strong feelings…

Picture 62

besides being the president he also dabbles in being .. a Pimp, The Man, Black, a hero, AND The antichrist… what can’t he do?

Picture 64

Aware of the Internet… lol

Picture 63B

Again more strong feelings…



11.15.09 4:55 am

yeah… i dont recall being an alien

and i will take over the world. :P

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