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H&M Steals

When artist Tori LaCosnay created a piece of art for the East Atlanta Village the last thing she was expecting is for some major corporation to rip off her work, and then make money off of it, but that’s exactly what H&M has done. They have handled the whole thing with class too!

From: Tori LaConsay
Subject: Copyright infringement by H&M
To: Helen@regretsy.com

The East Atlanta Village is one of the most loving, tight-knit neighborhoods I’ve ever known. The residents are like family.

On December 14, 2008, I painted a love letter to my neighborhood. The sign was located on the main thoroughfare on Flat Shoals Avenue.

On one side of the sign, I painted, “You Look Nice Today” followed by a little heart. This was on the side of the sign that I thought people would see on their way to work. On the other side of the sign (the side I thought people would see the most on their return back to the neighborhood) I painted, “I’m So Happy You’re Here” with another little heart. It was a small gesture that I genuinely hoped would make my neighbors feel good.

It all started with this.

Sometime later her friends began telling her that H&M was selling pillow cases and door mats that to say the least were very similar…

This lead one of her friends to write H&M and let them know that they were using her work…

Their response.


Soon after this friends began flooding the H&M Facebook page with posts, H&M responded in the way a good brand should when dealing with such things, they deleted the posts. All of them. The only shred of evidence of the whole thing was this update from H&M.

The damage from this whole thing could have been avoided, in fact it could have gone in a totally different direction but they chose to dig a hole, and then kept digging. Shame on you H&M.

Tori created another piece for H&M - 

Maya from Regresty created this piece for H&M

What do you think about corporations stealing the work of artists? Is it wrong for them to deny it, is this just a case of 2 people having the same idea at the same time? Fire off in the comments!

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01.26.12 9:12 am

Correction, the “You Look Like an Ass Today” image was created by a woman named Maya. From Regretsy : Thanks to Maya on Facebook for the INSPIRATION.

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02.15.12 9:12 am

H&M is brazenly obvious! Disgusting.

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