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Tumblr of the day: “cooking with skrillex”

Again proving that there is a tumblr for everything. Cooking with Skrillex. who would have thought skrillex was so skilled in the kitchen?

SH!T Project Managers Say

I’m loving all these “sh!t someone says” videos. A new one I just came across is “SH!T Project Managers Say” and I have to say, they nailed it! Well done.

VW Super Bowl AD

We all remember last years Super Bowl ad for Volkswagon with the little boy playing with the force. VW has decided to stick to the Star Wars theme again this year. The ad called “The Bark Side”.

“Linotype: The Film” Official Trailer

“Linotype: The Film” is a feature-length documentary centered around the Linotype type casting machine. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, it revolutionized printing and society.

Edible Type

Right in time for lunch – I present to you edible type! Created by Spanish graphic and industrial design duo Aranxa Esteve & Lucía Rallo, made of sugar and gelatin.

Movies From An Alternate Universe

Here’s a really cool set of posters from Peter Stults, Movies From an Alternate Universe, is a collection of some of the biggest movies ever made, but made not like you remember them.

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Earth! Om Nom Nom Nom

In what can only be described as my all time biggest fantasy, well maybe I’m exagerating a bit but still, have you ever been sitting there and said to yourself, “Gosh, I could really go for eating a planetary system right about now”. Well now you can!

Photoshop Simulator

Visual Idiot brings us a wonderful tool to let you use photoshop online, created using HTML5, and CSS3 – pretty wild stuff!

Why Protect IP and SOPA are bad for the internet

If you haven’t heard, congress is getting ready to vote on two bills that have the capability to harm the internet in a very bad way. This may sound like a big claim, but watch this video and learn more about what exactly they are wanting to do. The Music / TV / Movie industries have been pushing very hard to get this type of legislation passed, and the scary thing is – they might just do it.

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Sticker Placement

Perfect placement.