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Social Good From McKinney – Play Spent

A while back we posted about the site www.playspent.org a microsite created by McKinney to bring awareness about poverty in America.

Spent was launched in February 2011 as a collaboration between McKinney andUrban Ministries of Durham. The site takes you through a month of trying to survive on little to no income. You’re faced with tough choices like eating or paying bills. Paying $3/day to let your child eat lunch or $15 to let them go on a field trip.

It’s a wake up call to many, and an eye opening experience to see what many have to deal with on a daily basis, and offers ways that you can help.

It has some interesting tie ins with Facebook, if you ever find yourself in need of money you can “ask a friend” which posts to your Facebook.

McKinney is now taking this one more step – you can now write you congress people asking them to play SPENT!

From the page -

Dear Members of Congress:

While you debate, people all over the country are fighting to keep their lights on, to keep their children fed and clothed, and to keep their dignity.

We ask you to take 10 minutes of your day to experience for yourself the challenges that over 14 million Americans are facing.

Play SPENT at http://playspent.org and see if you could survive living on the edge of poverty.

It may be just a game, but for millions of your constituents, it is all too real.

Thank you.

This is awesome social good coming from an agency, I love this!

Write your representative here -



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