Edible Type

Right in time for lunch – I present to you edible type! Created by Spanish graphic and industrial design duo Aranxa Esteve & Lucía Rallo, made of sugar and gelatin.

Movies From An Alternate Universe

Here’s a really cool set of posters from Peter Stults, Movies From an Alternate Universe, is a collection of some of the biggest movies ever made, but made not like you remember them.

Heli Cam

What do you get when you strap a 7D to a remote control helicopter? Heli Cam – Mutiny Bikes in Autsin TX recently did a test with their new toy.

Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow

Really cool video that visualizes our digital world in 2015 from Neo Labels

Typographic Lounge Furniture

Add this to my “I want this, I need this” list. Typographic Lounge Furniture from Tabisso is amazing!

Site Of The Day – Museum Of You

I am generally skeptical and don’t like “Social Visualizers” but Intel has just taken it to a new place. In their micro-site “Museum of Me” they pull all of your Facebook data and images and create an experience that puts You on display. Your friends, images, likes, videos, and more are pulled into a video that walks through a 3D “Museum” of you.

Life’s a Pitch

Here’s a fun new Kickstarter project for all you graphic designers out there. The Pitch is a board game that turns the real world rat race of being a graphic designer into a playable game that you can work your way to the top, or to “The Pitch”

Site of the Day – Moby Destroyed

This amazing micro-site created for the new album by Moby, Destroyed lets you listen to the entire new album, as well as looking at images from Instagram that are tagged #destroyed. Simple, and wonderful.


FEATURED – 12:31

Came across this site and was first struck by the images, but then learned the whole story. What a story it is.

Ogilvy does Hotwheels

So awesome.