The New Facebook

Facebook is about to do something that will rock the world, and change the way that we interact with technology and the internet forever. For the past few days people have been talking a lot about the new news feed, but what hasn’t been talked about until yesterday at the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg introduced the timeline, or the new profiles. A complete overhaul of a profile page, a rethinking of how we view our digital lives, and how others view us.

Would you take a break?

People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook and 50% of the site’s active users (750 million people at last count) log in to the site on any given day. In all likelihood, you’re one of those people… Do you need a break?

Oreo sets new… wait. Lil’ Weezy?

As we posted yesterday Oreo was going for setting a world record for most likes on a status in 24 hours. The record goal of 45,000 likes. Well they did it… but a little twist to the story.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Oreo is going for a world record – Getting the most likes in 24 hours.

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Take Back The Poke

Came across this on Mashable this morning – made me smile

Q: What is the first brand to reach 10 million likes?


can you guess? click to find out!

The Social Network Movie


We live in a time where social media is the buzz word, where sharing is common practice, and where privacy issues are a constant talking point and concern. But do you remember life before Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, and other social sites? Do you remember the first time you realized the genius behind a social networking site?

Old Spice Guy Answers


So you think you’ve got a cool marketing idea? You think you can change peoples perception of a product, and breathe new life into a product that has been around for decades? – well that’s nice but you’ve got to try a little harder now, after W+K comes through again for Old Spice…