2011 was quite the year for the internet and 2012 is already shaping up to be a pretty crazy year for this set of tubes. This poster created by Peter Jaworoski and Michal Liowski from Ars Thanea showcases 20 of the most memorable moments from the web.

Can you spot them all?

Featured Artist: Pedro Josue aka Madkobra

Pedro Josue ( Madkobra ) is a designer / illustrator from the Dominican Republic, his style has a very unique feel to it. Great ideas, awesome executions. He has quite a few shirts on Threadless, and has a collection of work that is a lot of fun to look at.

UI Parade

Looking for some UI Inspiration? Check out www.uiparade.com for an ever growing gallery of inspiration.

The New Facebook

Facebook is about to do something that will rock the world, and change the way that we interact with technology and the internet forever. For the past few days people have been talking a lot about the new news feed, but what hasn’t been talked about until yesterday at the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg introduced the timeline, or the new profiles. A complete overhaul of a profile page, a rethinking of how we view our digital lives, and how others view us.

Liam Brazier

Liam Brazier is a london based animator & illustrator who has an awesome style and unique take on superheros and Star Wars characters. Check out these fractal illustrations…

Create a creative culture

In keeping with today’s theme here are five rules from Mailchimp founder Ben Chestnut on how to make an maintain a creative culture.

Thought Of You

If you haven’t checked out Google today I Suggest you do – It features an animation from Ryan Woodward who is an exceptionally talented animator and artist. This is one of his other works “Thought Of You”

Rolling Through the Bay

What happens when you give a man 100,000+ toothpicks and over 35 years? Artist Scott Weaver has created an EPIC kinetic sculpture using nothing more than toothpicks and glue, He takes us through a tour of his creation with ping pong balls that roll through the city of San Francisco. Awesome.


While it may be a few days past May 4th, (May the 4th Be with you) I have a very special featured artist this week. Silof, they guy who creates exceptional Star Wars Action Figures. We exchanged some emails and I was able to get an interview out of it and also got the inside scoop on his newest project!

Society 6 iPhone Cases

Yesterday the talk was all about the Steve Jobs in carbonite iPhone case, and while yes that is badass – I took a gander at what else Society 6 was up to. Hot sh!t check it out for yourself.