VW Super Bowl AD

We all remember last years Super Bowl ad for Volkswagon with the little boy playing with the force. VW has decided to stick to the Star Wars theme again this year. The ad called “The Bark Side”.


While it may be a few days past May 4th, (May the 4th Be with you) I have a very special featured artist this week. Silof, they guy who creates exceptional Star Wars Action Figures. We exchanged some emails and I was able to get an interview out of it and also got the inside scoop on his newest project!

Star Wars 1942

This is by far one of the coolest things I have come across recently. A man who remains nameless but goes by Sillof has created figurines of the Star Wars characters if the story had been made in 1942.

Star Wars goes Vintage


This great series done by artist Greg Peltz shows some of our favorite Star Wars characters put into retro Victorian, civil war era paintings. AWESOME! Although – I’d like to see a few more – maybe some storm troopers, or the Emperor, Han… still very cool!