A Video For Anyone in Advertising. Love/Hate

Just came across this video – a good video for you agency types. This pretty much sums up every single day.

Banksy Does The Simpsons

In what is sure to go down in Television history – the graffiti artists Banksy Storyboarded and Directed the newest intro to the Simpsons. Specifically the famous “Couch Scene”. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts!


This. Is. AMAZING!


#Failfriday has made its return! Now sit back and take a few minutes to laugh at the expense of other failing… and failing miserably.

Transforming Apartment

This is sure to blow your mind.
This tiny 330 square foot apartment has 24 different “rooms” – Hong Kong based architect Gary Chang has done something with almost nothing and made one hell of a bachelor pad!

Spread Happy


This awesome video made for the Mod Cloth video contest by Allie & Elizabeth Edwards ( Sistersalad ) – They spread a little happiness around Denver. Awesome.

Advertising lesson 101: What Not To Do


Okay this is the most basic and important lesson to be learned in advertising. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances attempt to copy a campaign that is less than one year old, even then – when you ATTEMPT, and I put emphasis on ATTEMPT, to recreate the magic that was a highly successful campaign; try please for the love of advertising, try to be different.

Stop Motion Printer


This. is so sick! – I can’t imagine how much ink they went through or how much it cost, still really cool.

Double Rainbow


This guy is on drugs, and really excited about this double rainbow.