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The Impossible Project

polaroidNewA few days ago I made a post about the death of the Polaroid, that staple of culture for the past 60 some years. Like I said in that article the Polaroid has become such a part of our lives, we used them to decorate our rooms, our lockers at school, take with our friends, they capture a moment in such a special unique way, how can we lose it? Polaroid officially stopped production of the film for the classic cameras in 2008 and has estimated that supplies will run out in 2009. There is still hope though!

theTeamIn writing that article I was made aware of a new project, by a reader, “The Impossible Project” which bought the last Polaroid factory at the last moment in hopes of reviving the Polaroid. I was very interested in this idea, and my hopes are going up and up the more I research what they are doing.

theFactory2I was put in contact with The Impossible Project and did an interview about their hopes, goals, and the products they will be releasing. At first I had my doubts about what they would be releasing, and if it would stand up against that classic film; but they have put those worries to rest and I am very excited to bring you this exclusive interview!

What inspired you to save the Polaroid?

Polaroid is one of the greatest inventions in the history of photography, we love its unique beauty and fascinating charm, and we’re attracted by the exercise of running into the opposite direction – that’s why we decided to give Polaroid film a serious second chance, in spite of the digitization and everything.

What differences will there be with this new film? We all know that the original Polaroids have a very unique look and feel to them and the pictures they take. I know you are changing a few things and updating it, but will the film maintain that same look as the classic film, or will be different?

It will have a new, very unique character as it will be a complete new film, combined with the iconic characteristics of the traditional Polaroid film (like frame, format,smell,…). The first film will be a monochrome film, more flavors are to follow. And the fact that our new medium will be monochrome already shows what we are doing: developing a new analog film from the scratch. It was always the first step to start with monochrome, then to switch to color. Polaroid did it that way. And we will do it that way.

Just to be sure, this new film will still work with the classic Polaroid cameras right?

The new film will work with the SX70 and the 600 cameras. And we’re working on a new camera too, but this one won’t be ready before the end of 2010.

When will you have a prototype built and ready? or is it already ready and being tested?

We already succeeded to produce the first stable instant picture and the prototype test run production should happen this October.

Will this new film be sold in stores, or will we have to order online?

It will be both, we’re currently working on the market positions etc.

How much are you going to be charging for the new film?

It will be between EUR 15-20/pack.

What are you going to call The Film?

We’re still thinking about that….

This has sparked my interest. I am excited to see how this plays out, if they can indeed save the Polaroid and give it new life.

I have been searching around about the details of the last of the “original” film. Turns out that the last of the Polaroids will be sold where else but Urban Outfitters. It is being sold with a ONE600 camera and one pack of film, There are only about 700 of these left. This will most likely become a collector item in the near future. I know I am going to be grabbing one for myself ;)


The future of the Polaroid is still in limbo, with the Impossible Project making great strides in reviving this classic piece of pop-culture, and with the original supplies running out we may see for a time a world without Polaroids.

You can find more information about the Impossible Project at their website http://www.the-impossible-project.com



08.20.09 2:15 pm


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08.21.09 2:15 pm

Come on the Impossible Project!

But for those people using up their last Polaroid film, why not upload your last ever shot to our gallery at http://www.mylastpolaroid.com?

It’s an online archive of the final Polaroids ever taken by Polaroid lovers around the world, to celebrate the film and mourn its passing.

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Jessica Caldwell

08.23.09 2:15 pm

Apparently Urban Outfitters will start selling the cameras/film on Friday (8/28) or some special locations are already selling them: http://blog.urbanoutfitters.com/features/polaroid

I will be at Cherry Creek first thing in the morning to get mine!

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08.24.09 2:15 pm

EUR 15-20/pack!!!? oh…it’s more expensive than what i expected…
i will be rather to use original polaroid film..

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Drew Dahlman

08.25.09 2:15 pm

I agree, I have a follow up interview scheduled in October where I will be asking about their thoughts on the prices, and getting more in depth with their project and what they will be doing! SO BE SURE TO LOOK FOR THAT!! ;) hehe

Also, I think that not a bad price considering that the original is now almost extinct, and they are having to flood the market again… from scratch… :/ but we shall see how things play out! I am excited to see what they produce and if it holds up!

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Antonio Barros

08.28.09 2:15 pm

I hope they will be able to start producing polaroids again soon!!! I can’t live without my polaroid camera! I would like to invite all to see my polaroids in my blog! http://thesingular.blogspot.com

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Drew Dahlman

08.29.09 2:15 pm

Love your site! Very cool stuff :)

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10.13.09 2:15 pm

[...] got this breaking news from The Impossible project, you know those people who are trying to save the Polaroid.. This is pretty [...]

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