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The Last Year Of Polaroids

polaroidThis year will mark the last year of the Polaroid.

In 2008 Polaroid ceased all manufacturing of Polaroid film. It has been estimated that supplies will officially run out in 2009.

These wonderful little gadgets have given us all many awesome experiences and memories of taking pictures and instantly seeing them. They have a certain appeal that everyone knows. The way the look, the way they capture a moment.


I remember hearing that ‘click’ then seeing the film pop out into your hand, you took it, maybe shook it, waited a minute, first you see that blank area start to turn into a blob, then moments later you start seeing the outlines of your picture, then that all fades away into your picture. Instantly you were holding your moment. These are the pictures we decorated our rooms with, put up in our lockers at school, took with our friends, picnics, hanging out, really anywhere any time was a good time for a Polaroid.

After this year though we will no longer have that nifty piece of technology, not that it was anything special, but the significance to each of us should be noted. No matter who you are, if you’ve been alive for the past 60 years you’ve used a Polaroid at one point.


The prices have been going up and up over the years, right now you can purchase a pack of 10 on amazon.com for over $42! $42 for 10 pictures! The film has begun to become more and more rare of a find, and one can only guess as to how much that final pack will cost. I’m sure it will eventually end up in someones collection of rare things.

Grant Hamilton posted a teaser for his upcoming Polaroid Documentary called TIME ZERO: the last year of Polaroid film.

I would like to take note of a comment From Ed. There is an effort to save the Polaroid, http://www.the-impossible-project.com, which bought the last Polaroid factory! In a quote from their website:

The Impossible mission is NOT to re-build Polaroid Integral film but (with the help of strategic partners) to develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimized components, produced with a streamlined modern setup.

This still leaves me wondering, will this new generation of Polaroids have that same appeal as the previous version? I have contacted the Impossible Project and am hoping to get an interview so we can continue this!

This year will mark the end of a classic piece of culture, I am excited to see what changes will be brought about by Impossible, as they are planning on releasing the new film in 2010.

I want to make a post devoted to some of the best Polaroid photos, and I would love to use some of yours! If you have a Polaroid you would like to share with the rest of the world just upload it here, you can upload as many as you want! :) I look forward to seeing your pictures!

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08.18.09 6:05 am

I am so sad….i remember when $2 a picture seemed super steep. :( now they are gone

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08.18.09 6:05 am

You can also upload them to My Last Polaroid – An online repository of the last polaroids ever taken http://www.mylastpolaroid.com

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08.18.09 6:05 am

terrific article but you got one MAJOR thing wrong, the last Polaroid factory was saved at the last minute and the new owners are making new film for polaroid cameras. It is not a pipe dream, they actually produced a stable image a few weeks ago AND Grant Hamilton was just at the factory filming for his documentary.

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08.22.09 6:05 am

A very good polaroid website is http://polanoid.com , where you can find polaroids people have taken over the years

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08.22.09 6:05 am

Oops. http://polanoid.net , not.com, sorry!

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