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The New Facebook

Facebook is about to do something that will rock the world, and change the way that we interact with technology and the internet forever. For the past few days people have been talking a lot about the new news feed, but what hasn’t been talked about until yesterday at the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg introduced the timeline, or the new profiles. A complete overhaul of a profile page, a rethinking of how we view our digital lives, and how others view us.

On September 29th Facebook will roll out to the masses this overhaul, and when I say overhaul I mean re-built from the ground up. Facebook has been striving to create the most perfect representation of you online with their platform for years, and with every like, comment and photo you add to that. But what they’ve done now no longer just consists of “likes” and “walls” it’s a timeline, and you have the option of curating it. It’s the museum of me but on crack.

They have opened their platform up to the outside world in the form of the Open Graph, which can now be integrated into the entire internet and the real world. If you run a marathon that can now be added to facebook seamlessly, if you get a new pet that can now be added as a life event. Everything you’ve done, or will do can now be brought into one place and create the most realistic perfect representation of you.

As advertisers we are tasked with a monumental job, create relevant messages and deliver those to the right people at the right times. A lot of what we do is guess work, and trusting your gut, and it still will be, but as this platform grows and develops we are going to begin to learn more about people and the way they interact with their world in a completely different way.

The wall is dead, there is no longer such thing as the “wall” it has been replaced with a timeline, a timeline of someones life. The thoughts they had on a day or the photos they posted from that trip are now recorded and documented in a totally different way.

Since you’ve signed up for Facebook they have been keep track of things for you, people you talk to, friends you make, relationships you’ve been in, and there are gaps, what about before Facebook? They have solved that – by allowing YOU to fill in the gaps.

You’ll notice a new sidebar -

What hasn’t been documented by Facebook can now be added. That bone you broke when you were a kid, you can add that event and photos, that day you got your first job, or your first day of school are now all available to be documented.

The more you fill in these holes the more perfect the picture is painted of who you are, and your life.

You’ll also notice at the very bottom of your profile, is the beginning -

Facebook is about to change the world, they have just taken the first step in bridging the gap between life and technology.

What do you think?



09.23.11 11:30 pm

Only I hold the key to my life. Fuck Facebook. And fuck you for supporting the “seamless integration” between my brain and the internet. No thanks.

Yeah. Stick it up your facebutt.

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09.23.11 11:30 pm

I think this is fucking stupid. If ANYONE that works with Mark Zuckerberg would FUCKING LISTEN TO EVERY SINGLE FACEBOOK USER they would stop changing shit for no fucking reason!

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09.23.11 11:30 pm

I would be really excited about this if it wasn’t really just a ploy to gather as much information about us as they can and then sell it to advertisers so they can target ads more effectively. It’s a shame that such a guise is used for this. We will all suffer soon enough.

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Chris B

09.23.11 11:30 pm

Not sure why all these little bitches are being little bitches. You’re using a free service to keep in touch with people all over the world. FREE! Facebook can and will do what they want, and if you don’t like it, you don’t use it. Most people are utilizing Facebook to simply complain about Facebook, oddly enough. Facebook has to monetize their free service to millions somehow, so yes, they will sell your information for marketing and sales purposes, as do most other social networking sites. You participate in the site, you agree to these terms, if you don’t participate in the site, then you have nothing to worry about. Fuck it, it’s cool if you think it’s cool, and if you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and delete your account or reactivate that Myspace account you deleted 5 years ago. Good work Drew!

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09.23.11 11:30 pm

I’m not entirely crazy about it but I’ll take your word for it Drew. Since we’re basically family I will expect you to teach me first hand how to use all of the new features though, so I am not as lost as everyone else seems to be!

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09.23.11 11:30 pm

I think it’s just the new face of the world. We already share our information this way, and I’m still only going to buy what I want to buy, so why not make advertising more transparent and less used-car-salesman-shenanigan-like, trying to guess what I want and how to appeal to me? It’s about damn time people cut to the chase and quit wasting time, beating around the bush and pretending they have my best interests at heart when really just trying to figure out how to get me to buy their shit. I’m all for it. I love STREAMLINE. Thanks Drew!

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