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Twitter goes out this morning


So Starting my day like everyday, I make my #coffee then check my email, and twitter, get caught up with the world at large. I then get the Whale Fail, which is twitters way of saying “you’re cut off from the world”. So After thinking maybe it was my Destroy Twitter going crazy, I try to go to the site….

Normally if twitter is down you are greeted by the whale fail message on the homepage. Today. NOTHING. this then got me wondering “how do I know if twitter is down without twitter?”

Twitter has become such a part of the social networking, new relaying source for many of us; but when it’s not working what do we do?! Grated a year ago I wouldn’t have cared less, but today, now, I depend on my twitter.

This begs the question, how dependent are we on our social medias? After realizing that something was wrong with Twitter, I turned to my good friend Google, in where I came across many other blogs telling of the twitter outage. I know if I am feeling out of the loop without it, many others are.

Twitter hasn’t had a major outage since May 8th, since then they are rare events, granted they do still happen. The occasional system maintenance does occur as well, but to show just how critical twitter is becoming in our ever evolving world of social media, on June 16th they were scheduled to preform maintenance and take twitter offline for a bit, but at urging of the US State Department they halted that; this was because it was a peak time for the #IranElection and for many people in Iran the only way to contact the outside world and let them know what was happening was through twitter.

What ever you think about Twitter, it’s dumb, the devil, or what ever, you have to admit to its power to connect people. To give people a voice, to relay ideas, and news.

Reports are now coming out that the reason behind twitter going down may be due to hackers!

“Twitter said in its status blog Thursday that it was “defending against a denial-of-service attack,” in which hackers command scores of computers to a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.” (via – Associated Press)

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