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Why Does CSI Miami Suck So Much?


Have You Ever Found yourself watching CSI Miami and coming to the realization that this completely sucks?

I’ve given it some thought, and realized the reason CSI Miami sucks so much….

The entire show consists of 2 things. Terrible acting, and David Caruso taking his glasses on and off, while spewing cheesy one liners, and not doing a single thing otherwise… don’t believe me?


and Acting….

I rest my case.



09.26.09 6:32 am

totally agree. every time ive seen it i want to shove a pencil in my eye.

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ilana heredia

09.28.09 6:32 am

i’ve always hated this show. that guy completely ruins it, and they shouldn’t put the CSI name on it. i don’t know how it’s lasted so long

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12.19.09 6:32 am

David Caruso is a disgrace… jesus the show is pure SH*T!

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01.22.10 6:32 am

I totally agree, but my worst thing is the way all the “bad guy’s” always confess, even when they are charged with murder.(Florida will fry you for that.)where is the lawyer. anybody knows you don’t talk to cops if you are charged with murder, not without a lawyer,,never.

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10.31.10 6:32 am

add to the annoying things in the show, David Caruso always the one who notice the little clues, details..always the one who figure out the problem/solution…his eyes are like magnifier, there is one episode where he notice a single dark hair in a pile of mud @_@, how is that even possible…CSI NY rules \m/^_^\m/…also NCIS

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Flavia Alessandra G.D.

01.04.11 6:32 am

Handsome man..He one who figure..I like H.;@)

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03.28.11 6:32 am

I used to watch it pretty much to drool over Adam Rodriguez, but watching it for more than a minute makes me want to commit suicide. By far the worst show on TV. The other CSI shows are miles better. Why is CSI Miami even able to avoid cancellation? Weird.

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04.09.11 6:32 am

i think its cool

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04.09.11 6:32 am


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04.09.11 6:32 am


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t. Kearsey

02.04.13 6:32 am

Over the years, I’ve tried several times to watch this show but always turned it off within ten minutes in disgust. Recently, I made myself watch two full episodes. I found myself laughing out loud. My question is, are they trying to be serious or are they making a show so ridiculous in an effort to be funny? The acting is terrible, the plot lines are so impausible that the only interesting part of the show is to count how many things could NEVER happen in real life. I lost count on each episode well into the double digits. Somebody help me, I just don’t get it! How could this show be on tv for ten years?

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03.05.13 6:32 am

CSI Miami… where 20-something year olds work in crime labs without the years of educational schooling first. Fancy graphics on computers where suspect images come together like a jigsaw puzzle on the screen and images fly around the screen instead of real-world “just show me the image” instead. Everyone has pearly white teeth, no fat people, all beautiful thin public citizens. Everyone confesses in the end when there is no evidence at all. Crime investigators interviewing suspects (which is certainly not a real life scenario). Get rid of this crap show.

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07.07.13 6:32 am

To put the icing on the cake, ever notice how David Caruso turns to the side with his hands on his hip, then spits the cheesy ass one liners. He can’t just look at you face to face he’s always talking to the ground. I hate it.

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09.20.13 6:32 am

There was a Monk episode mocking this whole show. They used a ‘spectroscope’ to find a fiber before announcing, “The Cartini cartel.”

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09.24.13 6:32 am

I tried several times to get into this show, but Caruso ruined it every single time. He made it seem like his character’s every utterance was a moment of deepest profundity. Truly absurd. I don’t know how anyone could take the show seriously.

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10.05.13 6:32 am

Well, I beg to differ. I love Mr. Caruso’s portrayal of Horatio, and I love the character. But hey, it’s good that we all have a different opinion.

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11.03.13 6:32 am

david caruso uses a gravley voice it comes across like sombody having a mental break in their personality …

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02.12.14 6:32 am

Why are a bunch of lab tech’s running around arresting people?
Don’t they have any police in Miami that you know do the police work?
Why is it assumed that everyone knows who Horatio Caine is and owes him favors?

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03.09.14 6:32 am

I just watched this show for the first time. I Google it to see if this was a spoof…. guess not. HORRIBLE SHOW

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