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Why Protect IP and SOPA are bad for the internet

If you haven’t heard, congress is getting ready to vote on two bills that have the capability to harm the internet in a very bad way. This may sound like a big claim, but watch this video and learn more about what exactly they are wanting to do. The Music / TV / Movie industries have been pushing very hard to get this type of legislation passed, and the scary thing is – they might just do it.

The white house has said that they will not pass any bill that limits the abilities of start ups, or tampers with DNS, but the fact that our congress is even thinking about passing these bills is scary. You can contact your representative and let them know what your view is of these bills and that they SHOULD NOT vote for them.

Many sites are considering a “Black out” day in which they will censor all of their content and redirect traffic to a special page informing the public about SOPA and PIPA. Reddit has confirmed that they will be going black on the 18th, Wikipedia has said they will as well. Twitter and Facebook have been considering it, but no official word yet.

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